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November 24, 2009


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Hi, I've been following your blog for a while but never left you a comment yet... Just wanted to send you lots of love and virtual support. Looking forward to seeing what gets put on the shelf. x X x

greedy nan

I'm sure there is some very deep and meaning full saying like the cold hands warm heart kind but at the moment, it escapes me.
It's so nice when you make your blog entries - they seem few and far between lately. Hope you'll find something lovely on that shelf for YOU!


What a wonderful friend to encourage you with all the possibilities. I love your shelf, the colour is beautiful and I hope you are able to fill it again, with good old memories and some new ones as well.


So proud of you Em. One little step at a time eh? You're in my head all the time at the moment. Have you caught all of those virtual fluffy bunnies, gold stars and love that I'm sending your way? X

country mouse

Love your shelves, your positive thoughts and your frog joke!
country mouse xx


i am so sorry for your heartache Emma ...
you are so right that it is all about letting your heart glow once more.. and having met you, if only the once very briefly and having also read your blog for sometime, i know that your heart has such a huge capacity and you exude warmth, fun and love... your colourful sense of style and creativity illustrate this too. i know you are at the start of a difficult journey but you will get there... my good friend Sarah went through a similar sadness last year but she was determined not to dwell but to get out there and create a new future for her and her children... she has changed jobs to one which she loves and would never had thought of doing before and has got her old self back renewed and even more vibrant... wishing you strength and love on this new path. sending you lots of love
ginny x

emma whiston

Thanks Ginny

What a lovely email you sent. Very heartfelt words that do really help me.

I keep checking your lovely pics out.

Have a lovely day.

Love Emma xxxx


I know it's a cliche but when a door shuts another opens... and sometimes to a world of new possibilities that we never thought possible before. I went through a difficult time last year when my daughter was very ill. I couldn't see the silver lining for about a year but now we have come through so much together it has brought us closer and I am a different person ... and I think a better and stronger one. Thank you for having the courage to share some of your difficult times.. I spent a lot of time being terribly "brave" last year and when I actually let go and told of how bad things were - that's when I got the best support. Hang in there!!

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