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October 27, 2009


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I'm sorry to hear you are having a rough patch, hope it gets better soon. Glad that you are feeling happy, what lovely photos. It looks like you had a wonderful walk.

A Thrifty Mrs

Your post made me smile.
However I am sorry to hear you are having a rough time of it.

Stay happy.


good to see you back... i have missed popping over here... so sorry to hear that you have been having a really tough time... sending you lots of love and warm autumnal wishes,
ginny xx


Well, I feel very happy to have heard from you! Thanks for dropping in and keeping us in the picture - we'll be thinking of you.


oh emma, I can't tell you how happy I am to read your cheerful words and see your beautiful pictures and know that you are rising up above the rough stuff, good for you....i have SO missed you here, and very glad to see you back.
I think that as you have always used your blog to document and record your life, you would regret it if you left too big a gap. Dont worry about what you're not able to tell us, and concentrate on the things that you can talk about, the things that make this such a vibrant, creative, happy, inspiring place to come to, not and in the future.
Welcome back!
Lots of love and hugs

Bertie Meadows

I'm so glad we have you back in blogland, and I hope that your troubles will be long gone.
Bertie x

Mary Poppins

Hugs ((((( Emma ))))) I too have been having a little battle with my real life stuff and my bloggy stuff and whether the two can be friends....

I hope that you keep smiling, especially those Me smiles, Mmmmmm can you help me remember what those ones are like, I know the Mummy and Wifey ones very well, but the Me ones, alas do not stop at the station very often

Thinking of you




Glad you are feeling more together and back blogging.

rosie hearts

I'm glad you are back blogging and hope things get better for you x


Have really missed you while you have been away.
I hope the bad stuff that has hit you is of the "will make you stronger in the end" variety - sending a vertual hug from up here in gloomy Stratford


Hope that life continues to bring you joy...x


lovely to see you back you have been missed I do hope things continue to improve for you :-)
Lesley x


i hope things get better for you. Just talk about the stuff you want to not the stuff you think you should say - remember there are no rules in blogworld you can share as little or as much as you choose either way there will always be queues of us here wishing you well xx

emma whiston

Thanks! Life is very tricky but I definitely want to keep my diary going of my kids adventures. Bizarrely I have really enjoyed looking back over my blog as confirmation to myself that we all did have fun.

Thanks for commenting.

Love Emma xxxxx

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