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April 18, 2009


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Hi Emma,
this is a really sweet post... children really do teach us so much.
It is hard as they grow older though to know when to give them the space to work through things themselves and when to step in.
life continues to be a learning curve daily doesn't it?
A happy rest of the weekend to you.


Hi emma, lovely couple of posts. The bunnies are gorgeous - very julie arkle. I love her stuff: did you make them?


forgot to say cute bunnies!


Hi there - lovely pictures and some very true sentiments. I think we do ask a lot of the oldest child - sometimes they have to be 'little grownups' for us, and that's hard for them! It's back to school for us tomorrow...


Hi Emma - love your blog.

much of the parenting thing is made up of lessons learnt along the way - just so long as we learn them, right? :-0

Also, those bunnies - scary. But only because I think that sort of thing's a bit freaky.

jacoline (lien)

That's all true!!!



just catching up with you, sorry it's been so long

sweet post, all very true, it is such a journey isn't it?



Hi Emma,
good to get it out of your system hey? I think it must be tough for parents, you always want to do the best by your children, and give them the benefit of your maturity. But you're only human after all, and it must be difficult to be the resolver all the time. I know how much you love and adore your kids, and I bet they do too. Remember, you're allowed to be human, rather than super-human sometimes!
Lots of love, and a big hug!
Vanessa xxx


I love this post.So true about thinking they are bigger than they really are.I do it often with my 7yearold.He looks so big and sounds so mature sometimes that its easy to forget that not long ago he was my baby!
And I love the Julie Arknel bunnies!(I hope I'm not wrong??)Did you do a workshop?They always sound like fun.x

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