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November 17, 2008


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Hi just found your blog. Those little kitties are so sweet!. I have never been to a country living fair, I do want to go sometimes, that room looks gorgeous x


wow sounds like you had a fun and productive time!! i need a kitten now :-(
oh and if you want someone to store all your lovely new material for you just give me a shout LOL
Lesley x


oh i meant to say our bedroom windows make that whistling noise as well (its very flat and rural around our house and the wind is ferocious when it gets going!) that noise can keep me up ALL night grrr - you have my sympathy :-) Lx

Lace hearts

What gorgeous kittens.
Wow, you did pack a lot in, I'm very impressed. Good luck for the sale on Saturday. x


I went to the CL fair on Saturday I was in shopping heaven! Snap got the red polka dot napkins too!
The kittens are adorable!


Well you certainly had a very busy weekend, sounds like great fun though! Those kittens are so adorable and I am not a cat person at all. We have a big fat ginger cat who I really wanted to call Garfield as they have so many similarities, but hubby called him Rusty which I though was very uninspired.... Good luck with the naming and getting ready for the fair, can't wait to read all about it!! X

A Thrifty Mrs

I so wanted to go to the CL fair. I am hoping to go in the spring.
Love those wee kittens, my husband wants some (I'm allergic) and he has a weird mind as he wants to call them the following names:
Remote and Control
Salt and Pepper
Jack and Daniel
Mork and Mindy

Yes my husband is very odd!

Good luck for the weekend by the way.

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