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November 29, 2008


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How romantic is that?!!
I think Carnations are beautiful flowers. ;-)

Mary Poppins

Ohooo I love love love love it :)

A Thrifty Mrs

How wonderful. I love it.


I keep checking back for photos of THE kitten! Bring on the kitten - I NEED to see it!
Love Al x


Fantastic photos, LoVe anything that tricia Guild does.
But ::
ARE THE KITTENS???????????



why I've missed lots over here, love all your pics

errrm yep I have for ages thought the humble carnation completely under-rated, I love them bunched together, stuff whether or not they are cheesy or trendy or whatever...and I love your story of the salad cream and one flower reminds me of when we were renting a tiny tiny house and used to flip a coin on whether we could afford to rent a video, but we didn't have to measure salad cream (oooh I realise I miss that) so I guess we mustn't have been as badly off as we thought lol!

S x

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