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July 14, 2008


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Snoopers Paradise!! I'd forgotten all about that place. I used to adore wandering around there before heading off to see Gary at Mooch at the end of Kensington Gardens for a haircut.
So looking forward to a Brighton visit next year!
al x

sarah @ a beach cottage

we used to go to Brighton often (we are from Kent so just down the motorway), although just before we left for Australia the traffic going out for the day began to get a joke, I love the lanes, and I love all the old buildings in Brighton, I would kill for a trip there now!!!! I always felt the pier had been a bit spoilt by the arcades but I guess that's part of it all??? love yor picture, it really captures it, and the Union Jacks are lovely, I think that must be a new addition i don't remember them

yeah my husband suffers my phases of this or that and sometimes gets in and before he's got this shoes off I'm ushering him to a project that I couldn't manage on my own

my youngest started school Jan just gone, I don't seem to have as much time as I thought I would, but I waste too much, I need to get some structure back, with all 3 at school now I should be doing all sorts of things!!

thanks for your nice comments on my deck

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