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July 29, 2010


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So happy to see you back emma, I think of you often and was feeling so sad when you were gone so long.
Welcome back!!!
Wishing you a summer of healing and happiness. PLease keep in touch xx♥xx


Hi Emma! I am a strong believer that every woman needs to have 'another woman' in their life to make them stronger and more interesting! The 'other woman' in my life is now actually one of my best friends after she also got 'another woman' in HER life. Confused......me too but life goes on - the positive side is definately the right side to be on! God, I'm talking in cleches now, good to chat
love Rachel xxx


My daughter-in-law who is really more my daughter is going through the same thing you are. I am just terribly sad it is my son who is causing her so much unhappiness. She also has three young children. Thankfully she has many good friends, men and women who are surrounding her with love. I told her about your blog. I pray for peace and happiness for all of you who are going through a divorce. As my daughter has told me it is harder than if her husband had died.

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