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May 04, 2010


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WoW, that is truly truly brave of you. I really admire your courage and i hope you find happiness x


Hello Emma, you are an amazingly strong woman who I admire very much. I hope you & your children find happiness. Congratulations on your allotment plot, your soo right good things do come to those who wait.
Lots of Luv Sophie xxx


How very brave, amzing, dignified and string of you. But you will be better in the long run for not becoming bitter. You are amazing and dont you forget it


Oh my ..... What a brave story. You must feel horrible, but from the other site you sound strong. keep it up, I wish you all the best. All my love XXX


Hi Emma, I discovered your blog just before your last post and watched to see if you were coming back and you have!! I'm so happy that you've come out of this so strong. I went through a similar situation many years ago and after I forgave him, I saw him not as an evil b******* but as someone I felt sorry for and as the friend I used to have even though I was with someone else by then. I've seen him rarely since, as he was never interested in seeing the children but I keep my memories of when things were happy between us. xx

Emma Angel

What a wonderful person you are. It is often so hard to forgive when people have wronged us. I greatly admire your courage and strength.
Your children will benefit in such a big way from how you have handled a truly terrible situation.
I wish you every happiness. Take care and thank you for sharing. x


i have to say that is the most beautiful postive bravest thing i think ive ever read... this must have been the hardest thing to do but you have done it for you and your children and to gain a better life from this mess..
my dad did this to my mum and after all the hurt and bitterness left her all she could think was that we as a family and she as a wife had had the best years of him.. not this new woman.. she was just going to get the dregs of what was left from us..


Your story is a carbon copy of my story.
Mine happened in 1988 when my children were 6 and 3.
I think you are very very brave. I tried to be too. You can either let it ruin your life or you can take the other option.
Like you, I picked myself up, although it was not easy at all. You go through what is called 'Loveshock' and your emotions run wild. You also have to be a mum AND a dad to your children.
There's not a day goes by when I don't think about what happened to us but I look at my wonderful children and I realise just who has lost out... and it's not them and it's not me.
I bit my tongue and made sure that my ex had all the access that he wanted.
I watched my children going off to spend 'fun' days at the weekend with my ex and his newly acquired 'fancy piece' (Oh yes I still get angry!).
I also found out who my friends really were!!
You'll be fine.. although it might take you a very long time to trust again!
And , like me, you'll probably have moments in the day when you just hide and weep buckets. I do.
I wish you all the love and happiness in the world. You deserve it so much!
Love, Sal ;-)

Lace hearts

Emma, I've long loved your blog, because the you that makes it special shines through and you come across as an amazing person. What you have found it in your heart to do is incredibly brave and will allow you to move on, as far as you can, to the next part of your journey. There's no advice I can give you, but I think you've discovered that the best person to advise you is yourself. Much love. Caroline xxx

Lace hearts

ps... have just ordered the film. I haven't seen it, and it looks worth watching. x


Dear Emma, it takes such courage to choose to do as you have done. I know it is not easy (I speak from experience), but it is the very best way to move forward. If you go down the other route then the bitterness and hatred eats away inside you and ultimately the person being harmed (doubly) is yourself. You will probably find that the forgiveness you have extended is not a once and for all act - You may have to do it many, many times, and the healing will come slowly, but it will come. Bless you as you move forward with your life.


What a positive and heartfelt post. I wish you all the best with moving forward and working on forgiving and not allowing hate to fill you up and do the destructive things it can. Ditto other comments in what a positive role model you are for your children. Your positive actions and thoughts will help them through this as well as yourself. Marianx

French Knots

Your positive and mature approach will surely bring you the sparkly life you deserve.xx


You are an amazing lady....
I am speechless at your strength xxxx


You are a true inspiration, I'm in the same situation right now, first visit to the lawyer tommorow... Í find it really hard to let go of what was and accept that for a long time my reality was not his... tried really hard to fix the problems, but as you said, you know you'll never feel safe again in his arms... Keeping my focus forward now and checking your blog every day to see if there's an update on your life! Wishing you all the peace and happiness you definately deserve!


bless your heart. What a big person you are to forgive so easily. In my situation (many many years ago now), my husband had an affair. We patched it up, but it took a very very long time for me to forgive. You are incredible, and your attitude is to be commended. You'll be just fine, this I know.


Hi Emma, a stunning post and yet I am not suprised by your courage and determination to live a whole and positive life. Still miss seeing you every wed a.m. but hoping for good things for you to florish. Katharine xx

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