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May 17, 2010


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It's going to be snapped up...

Very difficult for you, though - but, looking ahead, what are your plans for a new home?

Emma Angel

Oh Emma, It's beautiful! It really is. I would love to have roof terrace just like that.
Take care x


Oh Emma, I can't beleive you have to sell your beautiful home! But I know where ever you move to next you will make it equally beautiful.
Good Luck.
Luv Sophie xxx


Delurking to say your house is beautiful. I'm sorry you have to leave but at least you won't be stressed trying to find a buyer. I know you will be able to make your next home as beautiful.


You've made it so very beautiful and made an easy job for that estate agent! I LOVe to see your photos of all your colourful things so this was a treat for me! xx


You can take the gate can't you Em? We had a kitchen tap I'd sourced and loved in Brighton that I swapped for a bog standard one before we moved. Another cute roof terrace awaits you.. it's all in the furnishings of course. Next one will be even better.. this was just a practise. xxx


Beautiful house Emma - you have presented it lovely and I'm sure it will get snapped up quickly. Not necessary what you want to hear, but as you've said, you'll be able to make your next home just as lovley.


The pictures are so colorful! You have staged your home for a buyer with a particular taste. Quite unusual, though I don't know the area where you live. Good luck in your move.


This must be so hard,it's more than beautiful. Take care !


With your eye for beauty your next home will soon be just as lovely,

Jo xx

Mary Poppins

When that lovely, beaitiful, special, memory holding door closes behind you and your lovely children Emma, a beautiful, bright, happy peaceful and exciting one shall open right up for you I am sure of it. I have read back your posts and I think you have a heart of utter gold. Hugs and a little peck on the cheek from me XX

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Nuri Rossignol

The roof terrace is very inviting! It is such a cozy place to soak in the sun and the energy it gives everyday. It would be very relaxing to watch the starts at night, after a busy day's work. It's like a manna fountain that refills your energy every time you stop by.

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