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May 29, 2010


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That really is marvlos! How good that you have young people in your life who can remind you of your real worth and value. I'm so glad you're holding on to the truth of what they told you.


That is so sweet and i love your little 'life' saying. It's so true x


I like the present being a present! :o)xx

Lace hearts

So true. I love visiting your blog because I always feel enriched by your posts. Your specialness shines through, and how lovely to have those words. Our children always provide so much comfort and joy.
Finished watching the film today. thank you so much for introducing me to it. x


I love the way kids live in the moment. One minute its all "I don't want dinner mum, I'm watching Ben 10. Its not fair!!" followed very quickly by "You are the best cook in the world". Why can't all relationships be that simple! Good luck with all your ventures and I hope your new house brings you happiness.

Linda Leclercq

You are very special,I have just read your older post to The women.I commend your writting to her it took courage and I do believe it will make your heart lighter.If we carry unforgiveness in our hearts it eats away at us,but not the person for whom it is meant.I feel excited for you all ,the begining of a new chapter with lots of memories and new traditions to build on.looking at your old home I know you can make a wonderful new home .Wishing you only the best of the best .Linda

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