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July 28, 2009


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Lovely, cheerful stuff, despite the rain clouds! We have perfected a 5 minute picnic a bit like your snack lunch - throw a tub of garden veg, a hunk of cheese with a knife, some fruit, biscuits and bottles of water into the rucksack, buy a baguette on the way, and we're off!


I love the contrast of the pink flowers and blue wall - and I'm glad you are enjoying your holidays. Now my children are nearly grown-up I do miss those lovely times playing in the garden - they are always off doing their own thing now, so enjoy it while you can - it all passes so quickly!

Pomona x


i too love the pace of the holidays and being with the girls... we have run errands, had cake and juice out, friends have been over to play,the girls have cooked me lunch,we have gardened and also found some bargins at the local car boot sale...and it is only day 3! ( did i say slow pace?!) shame the sun is playing hide and seek but apart from that ... it is all good!


i love the bright summery photos, really lovely!! fliss xx


Missing you Emma...hope all is well?????
Your last post was posted, then disappeared again??
I am worrying about you?!!!

Love and hugs

ps did you get my last email??


Are you on hols??
I miss you!!!


Still missing you!
see you next week I hope, when I get back from my hols


Missing your posts. hope you are ok. :o)


Came by your blog while searching google...
You seem to live in a beautiful place!
I live in the city so it;s nice to see your photos~ They are beautiful!

Will come by to see your post often..


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