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July 01, 2009


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I love peonies too, I would love to grow them in my garden, I just need to find the room! Is that a scabious too on your sarong? I haven't seen that colour before, I grow white and black in my cutting garden.
My little people soooo want to have a go at making a food picture, they loved it! I think we'll do that in the garden this afternoon! Have great day.
Sally x


Hi there...love your daughter's picture!
Hope the sun is shining for you today! ;-)

French Knots

Oh I'd love to live near the beach, sigh..your lovely peonies look spectacular with the pebbles and blue sky.


What a wonderful way to spend a sunny day, rather than slogging away at a keyboard in a hot london office.

Just makes me drift into daydreams!


love the veggie picture!

greedy nan

Every picture and blog entry is a winner!


Peonies and the ocean are such a perfect match : )
We have been enjoying nightly visits to the lake when everyone else has gone home we enjoy splashing in the water and playing in the sand until the sun goes down...


What a lovely set of pictures....wonderful!x


Peonies are one of my favourite flowers too! Looks like you're having the most idyllic summer emma, and you sound so happy, It's lovely. That Lily, I love that photo of the lily, absolutely fab!
Love Vanessa xxx

The Curious Cat

Loving the vegetable man! He's wicked!


I love your blog. I wish I lived near a beach - perhaps one day. I use my garden as an extension of the house in summer (oops and the rest of the year too - just ask my guests who all know to bring a flece because She might make us sit outside around the Chimenea!!) Love the Peonies.

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