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May 12, 2009


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ooh, loving the deck chair stripes. Hope you feel betterer today, and even betterer tomorrow.
Here's a link to a mini article on orla kiely's workspace in the guardian today:

Like me, she loves light - we have our sitting room upstairs in what would 'normally' be the main bedroom, as the light pours in our bay windows and I like the slight 'queen of all I survay' feel of being higher up:0)


Lovely pictures, and thanks for the words that go with them! I guess you can buy FT flipflops - in the developing world they're often made out of recycled pieces of tyre, and someone somewhere has probably realised that there's a market in the West for a poshed-up version of something like that! It's a good question, and as I'm ill at home I'll do a bit of research and let you know if I find anything. DO pop over and enter my giveaway, too, if you have time...


OK, the fruits of my 'labours':

You can indeed by totally ethical, vegan, green, FT (or whatever) flip-flops from:


and these more groovy ones APPEAR to be FT:


Ironically, I can't wear flip flops (the thong between my toes just freaks me out - bizarre) but I did like those Kenyan ones!

A Thrifty Mrs

Great stripes! Love those flip flops, they look so cheery.

I have a new blog and this is the linky - http://thefurtheradventuresofathriftymrs.blogspot.com/


Your blog is so colourful and happy.Your inspirtional to us. I check your blog every day it's like a holiday and a magazine rolled into one!Thanks for sharing regular.


I love your colourful photo's. xxx


Love the zesty orange flowers!! Do you know what type of flower they are?


I'd very much love to succomb to the deckchair stripe company, and buy loads from them! Can't wait to see your roof terrace, I know it's going to be gorgeous!
Love Vanessa xxx


Hi I was checking our stats and found your wonderful blog linking to our website - I am from the 'deckchair stripe company'deckchairstripes and we would really love to see some pictures of your roof terrace when its finished, sounds wonderful. I'm supposed to be putting new products on the website but have come across so many fun and interesting blogs about us that I can't stop reading - its another world !!!

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