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April 03, 2009


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Hello, your work is utterly gorgeous. Well done. kathyx

Lace hearts

How lovely that all looks. It must be exciting getting ready for it. Have a fab weekend. xxx

Lace hearts

You had better be joking about the snow... that's the last thing I need, with the amount of duvets I need to get on the line!!!! Thank you so much - middle daughter loved your comment. xxx


oooh i so need to get my arse in gear with the open house thing!
i could not come up with a catchy phase! but i added my house name 'pixies' insted of the number!
im planning a trip to blackout to get some more plastic bunting, is it possible to over do the bunting??
it so exciting, but a tad daunting!!!

graceful mice and gentle moons

I just followed you link over from Sal's. Your blog is totally delicious, I am full of admiration and inspiration.


Ooohhh! Love the bracelets, love the colours, very exciting stuff Emma! Hope you're well, and have a good Easter. Love Vanessa xxx

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