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April 28, 2009


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Oh, that room looks delightful, I love what you have done with it.
Take Care
Love Melanie xxx


It looks so lovely and fresh! ;-)


This looks wonderful! I have the 'same' rice sack bunting - of course no two are exactly the same, which is part of the delight. Does yours have the lovely little dancing girl eating rice? I chose my bunting because I thought she was so lovely. Mine came from a great shop in Edinburgh, but I believe it was commissioned by your Brighton stockists. Now it's in my home in southern France. It's a small world! Anyway - great room - have creative fun!

Mary Poppins

How delightful your studio looks ;)

I think it suits being a studio so hence that is what I have called it. You have so many pretty things in there it is hard to choose a favourite, though I do like your little trolly with the suitcases on.

Am I right in thinking you sell your crafts Emma if not you should you are a wonderful maker :)



What a cheerful room. You have such pretty things. It must be a great space to work in (or just enjoy being there).


It looks smashing! So....you! Where did you get the little bird hoops from? They're quite simply adorable. Love Al xx


ooh, very pretty.
I want one!!

jacoline (lien)

I love your new room. And i like it that most of the things are second hand, that's my thing as well. So colourful and sunny. Hope you can spent hours and hours in here.

greedy nan

Just a question ... what will you do when it's evening-time? I have no decent light in my inside-out room so can only work there during the day.


Your studio is beautiful - of course it's a studio. I am sure you will spend many creative hours there. I love all of it!

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