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March 19, 2009


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Mrs Bun

Bobble trim definately stylewise. Being dull and boring do your kids pick at things and do you have any pets that would chew them as round here they would last nano seconds? Here furniture is for scratching and radiators for being sick on. Pets not buns.



I love that sofa! It looks fabulous with your funky cushions. I'd be tempted to switch the foam in the seats for fibrefill (a la squishy Liberty sofa). My cat would find those bobbles irrisistable (so if it were in my house I would have to velcro it on so I could wash the cat spit out!) but it does look so, so effective.


I love how all the colours sit well together, what a clever eye you have for interior design....well chosen pieces and some wonderful finds....have made your home look fantastic!x


The sofa looks really good. I bought some of the multi-coloured bobble trim at the Fair, I just loved it! The owners were really nice and live quite near my parents in Cheshire and said they are happy to have visitors. Hmm, sounds dangerous on the purse! Personally, I'd use the bobble trim on cushions or lampshades but that's just my view, I'm sure it'll look fab whatever you decide.
Hen x


Emma I've not had chance to comment on your delicious blog for a wee while but please know I pop in EVERY day and so enjoy your posts. I think the sofa is lush, as is that wonderful lampshade with ribbony trim you made too.
I recently discovered the deckchair stripe people (via Janet Bell) and ordered some samples, very droolable-over and yup bobble trim will be arriving in the Attic anytime soon. Re bobbles on the sofa, personally I'd put them round cushions, or maybe edge a small throw/blanket with them, but not on the sofa itself, just my opinion though of course.
Love to you Emma, hope the sun continues to shine

French Knots

Love your candlestick - I have a couple of vases that were my Mums in the same style, great colours.
I chopped up some more of 'our' stripey tea towels to day to make some jaunty bunting for the bathroom, I NEED some bobble trim to finish off the laundry bag!...of to check them out...


as usual I love your style its very much what i aspire to when i can drag myself out of beige and boring LOL i make shabby chic just look shabby as its not very me really but then I love other peoples but am more a Livingetc kinda girl and love Designers guild/Amy butler stuff!! i love the bobble trim on the sofa its so "you" so maybe pin it on and live with it for a while ? what a fab find :-D
lesley x

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