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March 11, 2009


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Ooh, Emma, I can't not respond to that, can I?! I'm so glad Jasper was pleased ... but had I known the package was going to be shown to all your amazingly talented and inventive fellow bloggers I would have spent a bit more time on the presentation! Doh. Beautiful photos, as ever. Beautiful mosaic, you clever thing. GORGEOUS son, and I also love your authentic 'mug' planter. LOL Sarah xxx


Your mosaic is beautiful. Your choice of colors shout..happy and spring!!


emma I ADORE your mosaic. I am desperate to try it myself...I know you are so busy, but if you do get chance I'd love to know a little about what tiles you use, grout etc and if there is a good online supplier you might recommend.
I wish i could find a course/workshop near me that did it, I wold be bloody well doing cartwheels never mind skipping!

Love to you


OOOOOOOOOO lucky you getting to go off and mosaic every week!!! I have just posted a picture of my mosaic that took me forever to finish as finding time to get out in the garage is almost impossible around here! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your mosaic pieces, beautiful. I love flower mosaics and am usually a flower gal myself, but this time I tried something a bit different.

Thank you by the way for leaving your lovely comment about lola and her terrible sleeping. I had a bad night with her trying not to feed her every hour 2 nights ago. Last night though she woke at 3pm for the 1st time (yay), I fed her then and she had a few little grumbles after that, but nothing till 7am!!! Progress indeed I'm sure you'll agree, am keeping my fingers crossed tonight is the same.

Oh yeah sorry about the lovely sunny beach photo's, but it has been pretty rubbish weather since! Just think in no time at all you will be putting up photo's of your days at the beach and I will be looking on jealously.... urgh not realy looking forward to that.

Have a great day..... Julie X


I am loving your mosaic too..however not quite as much I as I am loving your friend for her HP owl delivery xxxx How completely fabulous!!My biggest boys are just that little bit to old to appreciate an owl delivery these days but boy oh boy do I wish I'd thought of it 3 years ago :). We are harry bonkers here too xx


Your blog is so lovely and colourful. I have a 13 year old Jasper!!!!!

Have a happy weekend!!



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Your mosaics are so beautiful and fresh. The colours are a delight! And what a fabulous parcel!

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