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March 05, 2009


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ooh Emma, you've made me go all fuzzy and emotional lol! I simply luuuurve that pink blackboard paint! Good luck to Tasha with her plaster removal. Love Sal x
ps: I think I fancy a china cupboard too!! x


Be yourself and write about anything you like. It is what makes each blog unique and special so please don’t ‘edit’ yourself Emma; being authentic and real is what brings us coming back for more.
You are such a sweetie for giving me a mention - Thank you:)
Blackboard paint now comes in pink? I am speechless.


Well..this little post of yours is totally delightful. I never heard of pink blackboard paint and I find it to be totally charming. You go ahead and include all the details you want because you have a very lovely blog. I love your fabric, too. Also...would like to mention...you said something about making copies of your blog a few weeks back. That inspired me to do the same so that some day maybe someone may want to read what the old lady was up to back in the old days!


Oooh, divine, thanks so much for that pinky turquoisey fix!
Hen x


T'is all gorgeous..lovely colours..especially the garden bench and the plant pots..or are they buckets?!
Great post! ;-)

Mrs Bun

The buckets are such a great idea. Hope you don't mind me borrowing that one?

Your blog reads as a really genuine warm woman, loving life. Keep doing what you do best - I love it.


I love the pink chalkboard paint and the petunias in buckets are just adorable. What a lovely bright post - thank you for perking up the day!
Cathy XX



just noticed the sand buckets as plant pots, love that idea.


Kim McBirnie

What a good idea to use blackboard paint - especially in thar gorgeous colour. May have to hyjack that idea for my kitchen!
Kim xx

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