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February 05, 2009


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I remember Tufty well and was a Tufty club member! When we were in Scotland on holiday the red squirrels ran out in front of us more than once so maybe they are not such good adverts for road safety after all!!!


one of my early memories is being at 'Tufty Club' and standing on a chair whilst everyone sang happy birthday to me... and for me February is not dull as it is my birthday month!! hurrah!


I was in thr tufty club, i had a little badge and they sent stuff out....oh happy days...xx


I was in the Tufty club. They've brought back the Puffin club, so maybe someone could reinstate the Tufty club - why not you!!!


I was in the Tufty club and have that book, plus an annual and a badge too!! My son has the badge displayed on his noticeboard in his bedroom. Loved Tufty, definately should be brought back! Kathy

i cant sew

oh i long for the days of my youth when a fag was a cigarette and 20cents bought you a wheelbarrow full of lollies! i managed to snavel lots of vintage signs about health saftey that were going to be thrown out, i will have to post about them one day. have great weekend.
%*_*% rosey


I cant remember tufty, I dont think I was paying attention!I have a nickname dolly day dream even now as an adult!(I break into a daydream!) . I was probably daydreaming. I know that shop was in lewes High street. I cant remember what it was called, but I know it is near a shop called "Laurel" . The little mouse is in the front window. I know it is on the opposite side to the british heart foundation shop. As i remember reading everyones valentines messages in the window. I wish it had been open my nose was pressed up against the glass looking in!. They are so cute. My little boy has these little wooden mice that you dress uo in clothes and it reminds me of the mouse in a matchbox, sort of like french little toys. Anyway hope that helps. Hopefully i will get taken back there when its open!
take care have a great weekend. Loved your snow pictures and the one of the tiny toes. Little toes are so sweet. I always kiss my little boys feet, I say little but he will be ten this year!, maybe they will get more stinky, so i will have to rethink that one!
x Dom


Hi only me again , I just checked a couple of websites that sell them too and they are www.treehouseblue.co.uk they do so many lovely things . I spent ages looking at all the lovely items and also www.wildhart.co.uk

x Dom


sorry can't remember that........i am far too young! hehe, i think i had a tfty badge....well i know i had one.

Kim McBirnie

Wow, I remember Tufty - although I think 'Charlie says' was the one I remember the most for the green cross code. Now I feel old!
Kim xx

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