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February 02, 2009


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wow Emma that is fantastic what a fab idea!!! I dont think I could do it myself but i love it!!
Lesley x


I like it, anything individual and not the same as anyone elses gets my approval - i'm not one for conforming. I bought a coat in a (sadly) closing down sale in a shop called Sust, a fairtrade shop, the other day. Thick red cord, cross over front with tie belt, jacket really, which is great and made even better because no-one else will have one. And then there are my furs - see post on my blog - they're another story. Helen x


I love that....nice to have something different....looks super!



Fabulous embelishments - just enough to be stunning but not over-the-top. It now looks like it cost at least three times the original amount.


you harbour the same horror as i do, i would be mortified if i saw someone wearing the same item of clothing as me! i often take the scissors and needle and tread to an item just to make it my own. wonderful pink cardi, oh, and have you looked on ebay for a velvet jacket? i bought one a couple of months ago, there were lot listed!
you are welcome to come and
sip mint tea in cassie anytime!......did you get my email?

Kim McBirnie

I absolutely love what you've done with that cardigan - I'm doing a crochet course with my dad this month, and seeing your project is very exciting! (I love crafts, what can I say?!)

Kim McBirnie

I absolutely love what you've done with that cardigan - I'm doing a crochet course with my dad this month, and seeing your project is very exciting! (I love crafts, what can I say?!)


Thanks for the advice about the crochet..I will look for a tutorial - it can't be that difficult surely?!?!
I love what you have done with the cardigan - I have a chunky knit plain cream cardigan I want to edge with something floraly and maybe put patches on the elbows - its still on the to do list right now though :)

French Knots

Your cardi looks brilliant! Very individual and stylish.
Crochet is on my to do list, but if I don't get on and learn in the next few weeks I'll have to do it one handed while looking after a newborn!You have motivated me to get on with it so I can customise my clothes too.


Well Mrs E that is very good and how I laughed at the M&S Per Uno comment because, wait for it, as a fellow forty-oner I HAVE HAD THAT HAPPEN!! A granny wearing the same cardi I mean. The only saving grace was that I wasn't wearing it then too!
I can barely crochet but d'you know, I am jolly well going to crack it now!

Mary Poppins

Well done Emma, it looks beautiful, I love the colour and you have made it even prettier :)



Well done :) I love this! You've really managed to make this cardi look very special

Raspberry Grace

Your cardigan is beautiful, well done!

(I won't repeat yet again about how much I wish I could crochet and how awful I really am at it!)

I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for your kind comment ref:my comment over at Mary Poppins.. thank you for understanding, I really am/do get quite upset about it all sometimes, it's nice to know that someone has felt the same (but not nice that you have felt it, iyswim)

Oh dear, I'm not making much sense I? am so just THANK YOU :)

God bless, Rasp xx


We're quite tempted to nip off and elope but I'm not sure my mam would ever forgive me!!! xx

Lace hearts

Emma, that is absolutely brilliant. How clever you are to visualise that, and you've done it so beautifully. I do like wearing things nobody else does, but I get around this by doing most of my shopping in charity shops - people I know don't do this, though I don't understand why. I certainly never mind if I have something that's two seasons out of date, LOL. Hope you've had a good day with the snow. xxx


I really love the finished version. I've often altered old things I've got when I've been bored but have never done that with something new - don't know why cos I will now.


Mary Poppins

Thank you Emma for your wondeful words.

I love it here, I feel very much at home and your blog is kind of what I would like mine to be if that makes sense, some real heartfelt words and many many gorgeous photographs of pretties, so I can be transported to a wonderful fairytale world of lovliness :)

Thank you for your honest writing here, I love it

Hugs and Thanks




Looks great, good idea.
Hen x

greedy nan

I know what you mean about wearing something then finding someone else wearing it [and with me they always look better and I will never wear mine again].
You've made a terrific job of your Sainsbury's cardi. Julie Arkell does lessons if you have £s to spend on learning how...


It looks fab Emma, I wish I was that clever, but I do love to add brooches etc to my clothes to give them a bit of individuality! (see my post today!) XX

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