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January 26, 2009


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A Thrifty Mrs

I love your lamp and glasses. Great bedside table.

sarah @ a beach cottage

oh god, I saw that simply country in a bookshop at the mall just before christmas, I so so loved it but it was $75 (books are really expensive here) and I had about four other books on my list and so I thought to myself I'll get it off book depository, much cheaper even tho I'm paying in pounds, delivery to here is free, but it was out of stock so I never bought it...I LOVE LOVE that front cover, you have to divulge more on the friend who owns it!!! pleeeeease...

and is the thrifty chic worth getting, I've had my eye on that too?

I'll wait til I go order them

yep I have a growing collection of style books, you know though I think there are a a lot worse things to be addicted to, that's how I justify it, haha, and of course they double up as accessories for your decorating!

S x


What a neat little bedside table! Sadly I don't have room for one. I am loving your bedlinen, oooh that blue paisley - just lovely - thankyou for sharing xxx


I've always loved that photo on the cover of the Simply Country book, it's the best in the whole book. How great that it's your friend's house!
Hen x


lovely books Emma - I have that Family/Life/Home (or whatever its called LOL) i really like it :-) have a lot of style books though and like you just like going back time after time and re reading!!! oh and also with you on the eclectic taste - I am the same I dont think i will ever stick to one "style" !
Lesley x

Lucy @ Attic24

Oh I WANT/NEED all those books. Most of them are on my wishlist, but money this month is being spent on the bathroom so will have to wait.
How fabulous to have a friend with THAT house!!
I have Cheap Chic out of the library (again) too...and the book by Selina lake called "Bazaar Style" :: there's a fabulous Flickr group base don this
and she has a wonderful website too...
ramble ramble, sorry!

Lucy @ Attic24


Look through her portfolio pages, the images are stunning. I adore her style.

Lucy @ Attic24


Oh gawd, i'm off on one now, getting all giddy!!



Don't you think the Bloomsbury style is similar to some of these pics?
Love that kitchen on the front cover.


Hi Emma
I love your bedside reveal (I have to confess the tag was of my making!) Thank you for showing me such 'must have' books! Love Sal x

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