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November 11, 2008


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can i just move in please ? it would be so much easier than keep saying to myself oooo i want to do that ! etc etc - i am now going to be making postboxes for bedroom doors LOL
I know what you mean about them being at school :-( someone asked me if i was broody now both mine in primary school but i said i just wanted THEM not another baby !!
Lesley x


an award on my blog for you :-)


I love your shelf and all your bits. As a mum of two I have had a few wobbly moments about them growing up. My daughter has just started high school and my son is ten. Being a year into an ongoing renovation of our cottage, we now have spare bedrooms and my hubby would jump at the chance to have another, but I feel the gap is now too large and at 39 I am too old. I sometimes think I have lost a few years along they way. Have a lovely evening - jacqui


Good for you going swimming, I keep meaning to go, but am using the excuse that my swimming stuff STILL does not quite fit me............!!

I LOVE your little post boxes, Talia would really love one. She is always making little notes at Kindy and putting them in letters to post. Our next door neighbours must think they have some kind of childish stalker they receive so many glittery letters in their mail box. I keep meaning to tell them it is Talia, but I keep forgeting!!!

I thought your felted firework piece was wonderful by the way. I seem to be lacking in crafty enthusiasm at the moment, think it is due to being tired. OH well we are off camping this weekend so will hopefully come back re-charged. You should see how much stuff we are taking...obscene!!

Hope that you all have a fantastic weekend.. J XX

Lace hearts

We have a post box the children made some years back, and it's so ragged now, but it's lovely for popping little things in.
I haven't been swimming for ages, but one of mine has an inset tomorrow, so we were discussing it as a possibility. You've now made me want to go a lot - I haven't been for ages. xxx

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