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November 25, 2008


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Sadly,I didn't even realise you were outside the room so didn't get to see your lovely items! Hope you will be able to make it to the next one?


I thought I could manage with the raod map finding rangeworthy, but failed in Yate. You had a even longer drive than us. Sorry I did not say hello, I feel much happier hiding behind my stall or the computer. You have a lovely blog, the fair brought blogs back to life for me I can see I will be redoing my side bar soon. Glad you had a lovely day.


I'm so glad we got to meet you and your stall looked beautiful, in certainly didn't look like you'd arrived last minute. We are now enjoying some rare peace as Harry ploughs through the Enid Blyton's!
Hen x


Oh poor you getting there late... Sounds as though it all turned out well though and you seem to have had a lovely day!!! Wish I could ave popped along for a nosey.. How FAB is that cardigan in bloom.. X


Hi Emma,
i did a few scoots round too and saw a lovely stall by the entrance which was really busy. I did not realise that it was you till the end and was so gutted that i hadn't had a chance to meet you properly. Alice said you were lovely and that you met Rufus too... he is so sweet isn't he? So sorry to hear of your awful journey... we got lost too but i am renowned for it... i was putting my faith in Al but i hadn't printed off all the google instructions properly.
Your brooches are charming and i love the sentiments... i am not surprised that you had someone stop and want to buy one.
Look forward to meeting you next time although i think i may come as a visitor then i shall have time to really chat.
with love
ginny xx


oh poor you getting lost - i hate that , I get all panicky and stressed and then usually cry ! glad you made it in the end and you got prime postion :-) roll on next time?!
Lesley x

Redwood House

a lovely blog ,I bought some ribbons and a length of the flower trim from your lovely stall and am very pleased with it. Hope you did well after a hurried start.

Lace hearts

That must have been horrible arriving just as people came in. Poor you. But it does sound as if you then had a fab spot for meeting people coming in. That's lovely to have sold a brooch in Brighton! xxx


Hi Emma..I so pleased that the day turned out so well for you..in the end!
I felt so awful for you when you turned up and your table had been filled ..
All's well that ends well!
You had a very popular stall by all accounts.. I only wish that I had been able to leave my table long enough to chat with everyone... Next time for sure!!
Thank you so much for your generous account of the fair and your optimism..for the V & H fairs..
Eat your heart out Country Living!
Michele x


I feel quite priviledged that I got a long chat with you, just wished I'd known you were late, I could have helped you set up.
It was lovely to meet you in person and hope you'll be at the next one!
Julia xx


Well done on getting there! It sounds like a fabulous day. I wanted to get to Frock Me on Sunday but somehow the day escaped me! I've been before, they're great aren't they


I'm glad you made it even if it was a bit of a rush!


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