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November 02, 2008


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very nice orangey theme pics :-) and I shall have the music on standby for tomorrow morning ! Ive been and checked my comments setting after your little additional extra at the bottom of the post - mine is set fine luckily, I just dont get many comments :-D
Lesley x

Lace hearts

Your comment made me laugh - it would appeal to my wicked sense of humour to set up a shot of crocheting whilst driving to Bristol and post it! Lucky Vanessa, she'll love the bag and brooch. Going to check out the song - what good lyrics. Caroline xxx


Thanks Emma for the tip off and thank you for who ever picked my name out of the Pumpkin!


PS If anyone wants to leave me a comment please feel free as I have changed my blog to allow all.


Hi Me again - a couple of awards on my blog for you to collect :-)
lesley x

sarah @ A Beach Cottage

oh yeah love the sunset and the pier, feeling homesick...

you know I try to smile at people in the street and they give me funny looks, sometimes I get an smile back


Lucy @ Attic24

Well Emma, I have done as I am told and have listened to The News (and All Of It Was Good)... actually, truthfully, was feeling a bit down this morning, but can feel it lifting now, so thankyou.

I am starting a diet/healthy eating thing today, so your post was appropriate, there was even a line in that song saying about People watching what they eat lol.

Have a great week, lots of smiles and happiness


LOVE that song!! The lyrics are smashing! Come and live in small town NZ with us Em. If you squint a little bit that's just what it's like here!
Love Al x


Hi Emma, me again
Just wanted to say that my stoopid email is not working properly in that I can't email out, can only get mesges in. So have to do a "you" and email through your comments lol....your comment yesterday on my post was absolutely priceless!!! In my bloggin time I've had more than 2000 comments, one or two lengthy ones, but yours is an outright winner, congrats!
As soon as I can get J to fettle my bloody hotmail I shall be emailing you, got quite a lot to say, you and I my friend are in such a similar place right now...will email soon

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