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November 27, 2008


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A Thrifty Mrs

Gosh was that this year? Seems like moons ago.
I think the mirror looks terrific, what a talented woman.
I have the same lamp.


Hi Emma
Thanks so much for showcasing the mirror for me (and everyone), it is gorgeous as I knew it would be. I adored Ann's chandeliers, they were charming, quirky and beautiful, I would have loved to buy one but not enough pennies :: maybe one day.

Do you know what, your interior photos are so intriguing, I think the great thing about photographing a mirror is the glimpse it gives of the room! I've just been trying to see closer into your room, to see the rabbits (?) next to the dolls house?? they look lovely! And that beautiful painted shelf unit with the top of a blue birdcage --oooo can we see more?? Pleeeease?

Lots of love from Mrs N. Parker

Lace hearts

The mirror does look stunning - and what a lovely story behind it. Objects like that are always so much more special. Caroline xxx

Mary poppins

A beautiful and special mirror, how lovely to have it wonderfully displayed in your home.

I have fallen in love with Bags Of Love, thank you for sharing, as I have around 2000 photographs on computer, I really should do something with them, have some really magical ones of DS who weighed 3 lbs, he was so tiny and we have some beautiful ones of him in our palms :)

Love to you Emma

Mary X

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