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October 04, 2008


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However grey, it still looks beautiful.
Did you get my second email about the Pumpkin Man? If not are you able to log into BT Yahoo via Internet Explorer and check the spam box there? BT do tend to filter through emails and many of them you don't get to see.
Mum and Dad went to Slindon yesterday. The P Man (Mr Upton) lost his wife earlier this year and my folks said that he looks very fragile and unwell compared with other years. He's struggling to get his roof display finished so they said to give it a couple more weeks before you go. To get there you must turn off the main road into Slindon village and drive up School Hill following the road around the bend and you'll see the display. First you'll come to a little pottery that belongs to Mr Upton's daughter. My folks said to tell you that there will be roadworks on the railway bridge at Arundel next weekend but they should be finished the following weekend.The diversions will go through Littlehampton and Bognor Regis.
We're off to do the weekly shop now whilst you, no doubt are winding down after a busy Saturday.
Lots of love to you, Al x

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