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October 02, 2008


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The soup sounds delicious but those poor shoes!

Thank you for stopping by my blog Em. Yes, I did think it lovely that people kept popping back to see if I'd surfaced.

I replied to your Pumpkin Man issue a few days ago. The 28th in fact although it might have been the 27th in the UK. Can you check your spam/jumk box for me please to see if it's lurking in there? If it's no where to be found then I'll try sending it again
Lots of love to youuuuuu!

Lace hearts

That soup looks delicious, and I'll certainly give it a go. We like the millionaires shortbread at Lidl, and I haven't come across any that even begins to touch it.
I love Designers Guild as well, but have always talked myself out of it because of the prices. Sale is a good idea!
I'm sorry, but the shoe story made me giggle!
Have a fabulous day, Caroline xxx


mmmm yummy warm soup sounds good as i am sitting listening to hail hitting the windows at the moment ! i love a good look around LIDL and Aldi for that matter ! the breadcrumb covered camembert is gorgeous but very fattening :-S
your walk looked lovely shame about your shoes although they have given you good service!

Lucy @ Attic24

Not sure which I like more :: the spotty enamel jug, the heart shaped bowl, the flowery tablecloth or the colour of the soup itself. All lush. I could honestly say that if were ever to visit your house Emma, I might try and steal that jug, it is absolutely the stuff my dreams are made of :o)

Mary Poppins

Your shoe looks lovely I would have it as a keep sake to your lovely walk :)
I have worked on the beautiful island Menorca and it is truly lovely, and the soup looks delicious, i love the heart shaped bowl X


What a delicious sounding soup! I love roasted red peppers, gonna stick some in my pasta right now! Take care

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