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October 16, 2008


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Lace hearts

Hi Emma - Do you know, you are one of the best blogs I read - I love your blogging, and I suspect you have more readers then you think. What a fabulous giveaway - I love the affirmation brooches.
I'm now off to check out Attic24's crochet thingamy you mentioned. I'm sorry you're feeling so under the weather. Hugs, Caroline xxx

Lace hearts

OMG, I've just looked at Attic24's post, and I'm going to crawl under a stone somewhere. How crap does my attempt look! lol. I've amended my post, and managed to talk myself out of deleting it (but only just). I'm off to stuff myself with a bar of chocolate and recover from the embarrassment. xxx


oh i am loving "sparkling" as a word and intend to use it as much as possible over the next week LOL thank you for your comment on my blog by the way - i dont get many readers either but i check yours religiously and love it (its one of my favourite and my best) and i have "sea view" envy as well :-D
Lesley x


oh and ive had a chesty cough/cold for 4 weeks now! 4!!! i prescribe a week on a hot sunny beach somewhere with no children to distract me from my lazing about...........

Mary Poppins

Your brooches are lovely, I especially love the hope ones the word hope means alot to me and is very poignant. I love coming to your blog it is a very special and comforting place to be :)

The pink corsage that you bought cerise and pale pink I wore that one tonight to meet two very special blogging friends one of whom has posted here so it has been lovely to see it on your blog as it has reminded me what a lovely time I had :)

I have been somewhat ropey too something going round methinks :) X

Sew Recycled!

Oh Emma, not good, you need to have some sparkly champagne!
Seriously, lots of ginger and lemon with hot water and a sprinkle of sugar. If failing that, guiness!
I have always wanted to go to slindon, its on my places to visit list.
Hope you feel better soon, get rest and you will be sparkling again soon!


I'm glad that you think that 5 strawberries is your 5 a day. I keep telling folk this and they feel they need to put me straight!

I keep reading your blog, but I feel at times no-one is reading mine (sob, sob) and then I look at my web counter and unless there is a fault there are a few people popping by!

Have a good weekend

Vanessa x


I hope you are feeling much better soon. Please count me in on your lovely giveaway - P.S. You are in my feeds list as a favourite!


Oh Emma - There are loads of us out here enjoying your blog - but we don't all have time to comment each day!! Don't be discouraged!

That's so kind of you to offer a giveaway of a lovely CK bag - I for one don't have that one.

Hope you feel better soon.
Love Miriam


I just wanted to let you know that I read your blog all the time and love it, just get nervous commenting as I don't have a blog of my own. Please don't include me in the draw though as I have the CK bag - although your corsagey brooches are gorgeous! X Gemma X

sarah @ a beach cottage

well you know I read your blog lol, I love it

oh and can I tell you how much I would like to win one of those bags...I asked my mum to go to Tesco's and get me one, some, any, a million if she could and bring them with her at Christmas and you know what she just couldn't bring herself to leave Waitrose...sad...



Lucy @ Attic24

Emma, I LOVE your blog, it is one of only four that I have felt compelled to read through archives from start to finish. I visit you every day, but do not fear, I am not the stalker-ish type lol.

I have the CK bag as you know, but could i be soooper cheeky and be somehow entered into a draw to win one of your beautiful brooches? Pretty-please?

Have a wonderful weekend, we are still in pyjamas (9.45am) and have nothing planned :: bliss


I do not have a blog but I read these blogs and everyone who has commented above feels like a friend to me. I have never seen a Cath Kidson bag!! Can you believe that. They look wonderful. Love your blog too.



I read your blog all the time, I'm just not the best at plucking up the courage to comment - scared of being thought of as a stalker. Please put me in your drawer as I seem to be the only I know who keeps missing out on the CK bags at tescos. As for a cure all - how about hot cherry wine - buy a jar of cherry's in juice (asda, lidl, aldi all have relatively cheap jars in their polish sections)boil the kettle, put a couple of heaped dessert spoons of the cherrys and the juice in a mug half fill with boling water and add a good slug or either brandy or vodka, or any other spirit you like I suppose. This does make you feel warmer and more cheery?? I wonder if the cherrys can count towards the 5 a day too???

Have a fantastically sparkling weekend.



Just arrived at your blog via The Vintage Magpie. I've had a lovely read! No need to worry about lack of readers. Those of us who have found you will be back!

Roseberry Crafts

I read your lovely blog. You are sounding very like me at the moment. All "downy dumps grumpy" and wiped out. My youngest and I have both been ill (I suspect it's viral) this weekend and the weekend before last a bug put my eldest in hospital for a night. I'm a SAD sufferer too so I'm struggling to feel optimistic about anything at the moment too! That CK bag has just put a smile on my face though :)


I have just found your blog today, and wanted to say how much I have enjoyed reading it. I will look forward to reading some more! As for remedies for a virus, my MIL swears by a honey and lemon mixture (sorry don't have the recipe!) but the only thing I remember about lemons is that when life hands you a lemon, ask for Tequila!


HI Emma

Sorry to hear that you are not feeling well, hope that you manage to shake off your bug soon. We have got several different bugs floating round here too at the moment, seems one kid is always sick. It is Lola's turn at the moment poor little mite ( and poor little me as I am up all night with her....)! Do you get Viralex over in the UK, I can't remember, but it is a herbal remedy especially for getting rid of a virus. Worth a try if you can find it!

Cool bag, I love CK, so bright and cheery, your brooches are adorable too.

I Love that your kids call you Mariposa Rainbow, what a sweeet nickname to have... X


Flippin eck Honey you have loads of mates.
What a lovely blog you have, i have the bag, but your Brooches are to die for ........ fingers crossed [and toes and arms and feet and hands and everything]

Love and hugs X


Do you think 5 frozen peas count, if so I must be one of the healthiest people around! Count me in, I love the brooches!
Julia xx


I love your blog too sorry to hear you've been feeling rotten catching up with our blog Skylas birthday gift looked lovely I think thats great that she loves to sew. Please include me in your give away, I do have the CK bag but I'd love to be included for one of your gorgeous broaches!


A lovely Cath Kidston bag indeed! ...and your broaches are pretty too. Count me in!

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