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September 18, 2008


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You're so right...the media talk it up all the time...and I think they blow the doom and gloom out of all proportion. Great post, to the point!


Don't get me started ! Now and again I've done creativity courses where one component is a week of "media deprivation" - no newspapers, tv or radio. We are so used to this all bombarding us from all directions that it can initially feel quite hard. But after a little while it becomes so energising to be free of all this external input. And that leaves some room for our own ideas to take shape. At a recent book festival an author mentioned that we are exposed, over the course of a day and a half, to the same amount of "information" as a person living 200 years ago had in a lifetime.

sarah ~ a beach cottage

you are right, you know since we came over here, we didn't subscribe to Sky TV and the Aussie news is limited to say that least, it has been such a breath of fresh air to not get bombarded with all the cr*p and doom and gloom all the time

I rarely even bother with an English newspaper now (easily available) or even read them online, too much negative stuff

tho I'm not very happy that our house in england is falling in price by the day, now that is negative


Lace hearts

What a timely post. You are dead right about this. The media feeds such a frenzy of doom and gloom.
Thank you for your lovely comment - don't worry about having to pop back all the time. I never expect people to. I leave comments when I find a blog I love, like yours, but life is frantic enough without worrying about whose turn it is to comment! Believe me, I don't always have the time, then feel guilty for lurking! lol. Caroline x


thanks so much for this post! it is so true!
since I am living abroad and in a very undevelopped rural area without news, life is much better.
and blogging is such a great tool to connect people all over the world through the same hobbies, interests, etc. - regardless all the bad news, race or religion.

greetings from Morocco and a blessed weekend to you!

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