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August 24, 2008


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What a great treat reading your blog was for me today. St Ives is one of my most favourite places in IN THE WHOLE WORLD.... Great to see your lovely photo's, you sound as though you had a lovely time. So.... is a plastic lobster the trick to keeping children well behaved while out for dinner???? If so I am definitely getting one for myself!! X

sarah @ abeachcottage

oh wow love those cottages, it looks like a set from Doc Martin (which by the way we watched tonight, getting all nostalgic for Brit life)

sorry to hear about the property you stayed in not being ok, how awful is that, I hope you asked for some money back or at the very least wrote a stinking letter or email, grrrr things like that make me mad

everyone of my friends and relos in England have been so fed up with the weather, I can't believe how awful it has been tho my mum said it was nice one day over the long weekend


Becky Cochran

Emma,that brought back memories...my oldest daughter was married at Hellesvoer Church in St Ives some years ago...we stayed at a B&B in Zennor...such a lovely quaint area....

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