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August 05, 2008


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Greedy Nan

I'd like to come with you next time please!

Greedy Nan

I'd like to come with you next time please!

Lucy @ Attic24

oh that sea, it looks wonderful, I love big crashy waves when the wind blows!
Love the idea of using the car boot as a den, we have several spots where we drive/park on the grass to picnic and I've never thought of this idea, its inspired!


The sea is something that I REALLY miss. It's about an hours drive from here to the east coast. Luckerly we have access to all of the rivers. In summer you can drive off road and down onto the riverbed. It's covered in large flat stones usually with trees and grass before it. It's a lovely way to spend the day. People take tenst down to the river and stay for a few days. Maybe I'll get to show you one day.

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